A Change of Plans That Worked Out Quite Nicely

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

2011-12-30-Galveston (3)This morning we left Willis, Texas. We headed to a new RV Park that is closer to Houston. We drove through a very different and interesting area. It was very flat with a lot of scrubby vegetation but it was beautiful. Because of all the rain, the grass here looks like new spring grass. We enjoyed seeing more Texas Longhorns than we’ve seen since we’ve been in Texas.

2011-12-30-Galveston (4)As we got closer to our new park, we came to a neighborhood that didn’t look safe. I reached down and hit the locks as we drove through. There were stray dogs running around everywhere. We soon realized that our new park was in the middle of this neighborhood. The park itself didn’t look too promising. None of us felt good about it and knew we wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving our camper there while we went to do laundry which was the plan for the day. It was also way too expensive for what it offered.

We found another park that isn’t as conveniently located but it is very nice. The best part is that we are on a bay off the Gulf of Mexico. After parking the camper, we immediately walked to the pier, binoculars in hand. We were surprised to see quite a few offshore drilling platforms. The girls have never been near or to the ocean so they were delighted to see pelicans and a jellyfish. We were told that black tip sharks have been in the bay lately. Our little shark lover, Eva, is very excited.

I had a first today as well but it wasn’t quite as exciting. I got bit by my first fire ant today and I have to say that all my friends from the south were right: OUCH!!


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