A Quiet Sunday

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

We put the address for the church we wanted to attend this morning into our GPS and set out. It was a good thing that we had a beautiful drive through the countryside so the 25 minute trip wasn’t a waste. The GPS took us around the same square several times but never to our final destination. We were in a small town so you would think we would be able to find it but there was no church that matched the name we had found on the internet. By the time we were done searching, it was too late to try another church. We decided to go home for our own time of worship.

On the way back, we found a large fruit and vegetable stand. It was rather large and we left with several bags of wonderful fresh produce. We decided to try some new things that we found: boiled peanuts, kumquats, and some little oranges that almost felt hollow. The boiled peanuts weren’t terrible but they weren’t something we would buy again. Barry and I have had kumquats before fresh from his aunt’s tree in Florida. These weren’t as sweet but they weren’t bad either. The oranges were good. They were very similar in taste to the little Cuties we buy at the store. I’m sure we will visit the stand again this week!

After a long Sunday afternoon nap, we went for a walk to check out our new park. We found a gorgeous river with the clearest water we’ve seen since we camped in Illinois last November. Barry went to the clubhouse to watch the Packer game while Eva played with her new friends. I tend to jinx my teams when I watch them so I went home to clean-up the house a bit. It didn’t make any difference as my Packers lost. I so wanted another Super Bowl win but I congratulate the Giant’s fans!


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