November 21, 2011—Lots of rain, bugs and spiders!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

We are currently in an area that hasn’t had rain for months but because gray clouds seem to follow us, I’m happy to announce that the drought is over! The rain started yesterday and is supposed to continue through tomorrow afternoon. We tease that the states that need rain should pay us to visit and the states that don’t want rain should pay us to stay out.

Not all bathrooms are created equal! This one isn’t too bad but we’ve been in better. After seeing the size and number of bugs and spiders hanging out inside the bathrooms, the girls and I worked out a plan. Two of us would shower while at least one other person would stand guard, armed with a shoe to keep any critters from crawling in. We thought it was a fool proof plan until we turned the water on and the little critters hiding under the mat ran for their lives and towards the guard person. Fortunately, no one heard our screams and ran in to save us! The new plan has an addition to it. The first thing we will do upon entering the bathroom is to turn the shower on and all of us will stand armed and ready!

It’s a good thing that we girls have acquired a new talent since we started full-timing: We all have deadly aim when it comes creepy crawlies.

After all, Barry can’t be with us all the time!


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