November 25, 2011—School the Day After Thanksgiving?

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Yes, we had school today. We will have it tomorrow as well. I’m not being mean. We just can’t afford to take extra days off if we want to continue to sight-see and still take time off for Christmas. We also took Tuesday off of this week to go to Hot Springs National Park and of course we didn’t have school yesterday. We don’t want to miss any of the attractions in the areas we visit because we don’t have our math done. On the other hand, we have to get math done. If we want to have fun, we need to make sure we keep on track with school.

I’ve read of homeschoolers who have taken cross country trips like this in a year’s time. I don’t see how they did it and had school. We would have to see one state each week. That’s a lot of traveling and a lot of sight-seeing in a short amount of time. We love all the places we’ve visited but there are times when we just want to be at ‘home.’ Barry needs a healthy amount of office time as well. 

After school today we went to an area state park. We went with the hopes of seeing an alligator or two. We saw lots of neat birds and three deer but no alligators. I asked the park ranger if the trails are safe. She said, “Oh yeah…You mean because of the alligators? Oh yeah…it’s safe…they HARDLY EVER come up on the trails.” Hardly ever? I wanted to hear, “It’s absolutely impossible for the alligators to come on the trail and if they do we have armed rangers posted all over who shoot them with tranquilizer guns and take them to the Everglades.” We do want to see them but from a safe distance and not in the woods. Our Jenna says we have a love/hate relationship with the critters. She is right. Tomorrow we plan to go back and hike the trail but it’s Saturday. There will be lots of people there…right?


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