Pompano Beach-Parlez Vous Francais?

Friday, July 6th, 2012


DSC02113Monday February 27: After hearing more French than English while in the Keys, we were excited to head back to mainland Florida and English. From the moment we entered the gates of Breezy Hill RV Resort in Pompano Beach, however, we knew this wasn’t going to be the case. Most of the signs were in French and as Barry stood in line to register at the sales office, he hoped that someone would speak English. Fortunately, they did! We found out that about 90% of the park were from Quebec (we think 98% since the only U.S. license plates were ours from MI and a couple from Montana). It was strange to be somewhat of a novelty in our own country. “You speak English?” We joked that if a country wanted to invade Quebec, the winter months would be the time as most of Quebec seemed to be in southern Florida.

We settled in at the new park quickly so the girls could get some swimming in before we had to get ready to celebrate the 6th anniversary of our business, Evmikna Graphics. A local suggested we go to JB’s on the Beach. It turned out to be a very busy but beautiful restaurant right on the Atlantic. After our meal, we walked a bit on the beach before heading to McDonald’s for dessert—McFlurries. We chose to go through the drive-through after seeing several police cars and officers in the parking lot surrounding several young men who were on the ground in cuffs. When we pulled up to the window, we saw a police officer ‘hiding-out’ in the back of the restaurant. Barry made a comment to the cashier that this must be the safest McDonald’s in Florida at the moment. She kind of laughed, hardly seeming phased at all by all the commotion. We were a little phased and later wondered possessed us to stop at all!

Tuesday, February 28: We mostly spent our time at this park on school. The park itself is very large but still the RVs are packed in very tightly. It was one of our more difficult back-ins as we were packed in like sardines. We did really enjoy being able to take long walks and bike rides, which we did several times each day and evening. The park is also very well manicured with beautiful flowers everywhere.

Wednesday, February 29 and Thursday, March 1—These days were pretty much the same: school, swimming, walks, biking, shopping. We celebrated Leap Year Day with more ice cream!


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