Proper Introductions: Quincy the Camping Snowblower

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The Adventures of Quincy the Snowblower


Quincy is our snowblower. We are delivering him to SuzAnnes’ dad. He lives in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. We are taking the scenic and very long route from Waldenwoods, Hartland, Michigan through the UP and down into Wisconsin.

When we set up camp, the very first thing we do is take Quincy out of the trailer. It is quite comical, especially when other campers (and they always do) watch you unpack! We have had two brave souls, so far ask “What’s with the snowblower?!” Since it is the first week of August, I wonder if they are quite concerned that we know something about the weather that they do not know! Well… after I tell them that we are traveling through the UP in September, I give them the real story…

Quincy has taken a life on his own! So, we thought we would share his adventures with you!

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