School Days…School Days…

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Today was pretty much dedicated to school for us and work for Barry. We noticed yesterday that our truck was having some difficulties so Barry inquired with the park management as to a reliable, honest mechanic and then took it in. He and Jenna sat at a nearby diner working and doing schoolwork until he was told that the car won’t be done until tomorrow. The mechanic was very nice to drive them back to the park. It’s kind of been nice being grounded!

I want to share the following conversation that took place in our camper a couple of weeks ago. We can’t stop laughing about it and I’m sure you’ll find it amusing as well.

It all started when Jenna mentioned something about us being TOURISTS.

Eva: We are NOT!!

Jenna: Yes, we are!!

Eva: (With a lot of anger and passion) We are NOT too-er–ists!!!

J: Yes, we are!

E: Mom, are we too-er-ists? Tell her we aren’t.

Me: Yes, Eva we are definitely tourists.

E: (Horrified and beyond angry) We are??? Well, when did that happen?

Me: When we left Michigan.

E: (Incredulous sigh) We are NOT too-er-ists!

Me: Eva, a tourist goes sight-seeing. They tour places like the St. Louis Arch, LBJ’s Ranch, the River Walk. We do that stuff. We are tourists.

E: Oh…I thought a too-er-ist was someone who bombed places and shot people.

Me: Eva, that would be a terrorist. We definitely aren’t terrorists but we are tourists!

E: Whew…You had me really scared there for a minute…


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