State #8—Louisiana!

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

DSC01133Today we left Beach City, TX. For the last week we have been parked at Beach City RV which is on the banks of Trinity Bay. It’s a nice, clean park. The owners are very friendly and helpful. We especially enjoyed walking out on the pier at sunset to look for jellyfish. Our binoculars got a lot of use as we looked out at the oil platforms and freighters.


For most of our time in TX, it was rainy and chilly at times. Our last ten days or so have been beautiful. It was a nice parting gift from a state in which we saw some amazing places and made a lot of memories. We visited Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Galveston and College Station. Most of the places we visited were steeped in history. Some were just fun. We saw a lot of different types of terrain. All were beautiful in their own way.

DSC01132As we crossed the border into Louisiana today, the terrain once again became very different. Our first stop was at a visitor’s center just inside our new state. We didn’t see any of the alligators that live in the swamp behind the buildings but we did see some very large frogs jumping in the water. There were a lot of fire ant hills to avoid and a couple of signs that said, “Beware of Snakes!” (Yikes!!!) Even though the trees are drab and without leaves, the abundant Spanish Moss added to the beauty of the water and the very green grass. On the way to our campground we saw a lot of rice and sugarcane fields. We are definitely in the deep south and we can’t wait to do some exploring!

It was about 73 degrees today and quite humid. There are a lot of mosquitoes! We put our space heaters away and brought out the fans. Tonight it is very pleasant. The park at which we are staying is very nice and is close to some very neat areas.

We’re hoping to see some alligators tomorrow!


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