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Guidos and WOW—Okemos, Michigan

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Two of our children have to eat gluten free. As we travel we often find it very difficult to find restaurants with a g-free menu. We love Guidos in Okemos, MI. Steve, the owner, has worked very hard to come up with really yummy g-free food. He also takes every precaution to make sure his food is not cross-contaminated with any glutenous ingredients. Recently, he has opened up a deli next door to Guidos called WOW (with out wheat). His restaurants are very clean and well run. Steve also has a big heart for those who have to live g-free. He often surprises our girls by letting them taste test his new creations. Everything they’ve tried has received an A+. Tonight he surprised them with homemade onion rings. Mmmmmm! They were so good. It was a very special treat for our youngest, who has been craving onion rings.


To find out more about Guidos of Okemos and WOW go to and

Catching Up

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I have a lot to write about from our time in the northern Lower Peninsula of MI, the Upper Peninsula of MI and WI. We stayed in familiar territory and close to family for this first trip. We made lots of lists along the way of things we need to do to get ready for our goal: a trip to see all 50 states.

We arrived back in MI at the beginning of October. We’ve kept busy finalizing our plans, stocking up on supplies (we learned from our time in the more remote areas of MI and WI that you can’t always rely on finding gluten-free items like we can here), seeing family and friends, and tying up miscellaneous loose ends. We’ve tried to anticipate every problem we may encounter and every need we may have.

We leave MI on Monday, October 31. We won’t blog about our exact location until we have left each place. This is the world wide web after all and our children’s safety is utmost in our minds. We have two contact people who know where we are at all times. Our facebook friends can write us personally (behind the scenes) if they wish to know our location.

Yesterday we visited The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village ( for our last time on our membership. With us were friends whom we met on our first week of fulltime RVing. We had a great day at this wonderful place. I highly recommend it as a vacation destination. It’s a must stop!!!! I have to give a shout out to our favorite docents: Tom from the glass blowers shop and (I can’t remember her name) the woman from the pottery shop who also used to work in the tinsmith stop. Our girls look for you both each time we visit. Thanks for all the time and education!!! We look forward to seeing you when we visit MI next summer.