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Robertsdale, Alabama – Styx River Resort

Monday, March 4th, 2013

by Barry

Well… our plans to stay for one month at Gulf State Park changed and we stayed until March 1st! Now my Android phone has automatically identified the State Park as “Home.” In many ways, it has truly become our Alabama “Home.” Yet, the time has come to move on.

We belong to a number of different resort systems. Since we are camping 365 days a year, belonging to at least two resort systems is the best way to travel. Styx is part of the Ocean Canyon resorts. We stay for 2 weeks then move on to the next resort.

I love the resorts. They have plenty of amenities. They always have full hookups for us. It is critical that we have more than just electrical hookups when staying for more than a couple of days at any location. We need to have running water and a sewer connection.

SuzAnne and my girls like the resorts. Their first love is the State Parks. ALL of us LOVE Gulf State Park. It has all of the amenities of our resort systems, offers nature programs and the bike trails are first rate! Okay, this post is about Styx, so I will return to it.

Styx is located on a very clear river. Though we are told there are no gators in this river because it is clear water, there are plenty of cottonmouths (i.e., water moccasin snakes). This excites our youngest, Éva, who grew to love snakes in Gulf Shores.

Now that we have a place with no nature programs, we are able to work harder on school subjects and get ahead.

Éva and Barry go to the indoor pool nearly every night. We are working on Éva’s lung capacity and ability to stay under water as long as possible. We are looking to introduce Éva to scuba diving next year. She wants to be a marine biologist in the future, so we are excited to be able to offer her this variety!

Our dear friends just arrived today. They are here for the next two weeks until they migrate back to Michigan.

From here, we go to Biloxi, Mississippi to explore the southern, gulf coast of Mississippi!