About Us

The Pendleys: Traveling Across the US

We have finally made it! We are traveling across the US! Many people have asked us where and when we are going! So… we have established this blog.

Here are two questions we are frequently asked:

Where are you going? When will you go there?

Our answer: “We don’t know!” Truly! We have one goal. That goal is to travel the US. We don’t have a formal route planned. We don’t have a set date to accomplish this. We are “Just doin’ it!”

During the 2010 summer, we went on a “No plan’s vacation.” Our goal was to explore Michigan. We explored nearly the entire East coast of Michigan. It was a blast! We would stay a few days in one location. Near the end of that stay, we took a vote and decided where to go next.

So, this trip across the US will pretty much operate the same way. We hope you enjoy this blog! We will post pictures, locations and events all along the way!