Full-Timing Travel Clubs

If you are planning on full-timing, then it makes great sense to join the following, as you need them. We are able to stay for free, well over half of the month, when we are traveling.

  • Resorts of Distinction: You need to belong to a “home” resort (one of the resorts in their directory). Ours is Waldenwoods which only requires a 10 year commitment.
  • Thousand Trails: If you are traveling over the course of more than one year, then buy one zone, at a time, as you need them.
  • Encore RV Club: This one helped us out greatly in Florida! The Resorts of Distinction are very difficult to get into during the peak season months (December-March). This helps fill in the gaps.
  • Passport America: This is a great one to have! For only about $40 a year, you can save up to 50% off. We have stayed at Jellystones and other like resorts that have published rates of $50 or more a night and we are able to stay for $50 off! Typically, we spend between $12-$25 a night
  • Camping World: Great discounts on items in their store and now that they have combined with the Good Sam’s card, you get discounts at Flying Js and roadside assistance

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