One of Those Rare Days

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

   DSC01523Today was one of those rare days when it’s not too hot or too cold, too windy or too still, too sunny or too cloudy. There weren’t even any bugs to deal with. The girls and I did some extra school last night so we wouldn’t have so much to do today. We headed to the beach as soon as we could!


Portuguese Man o’ War still lined the beach. Though they were fewer in number, many of them were bigger. We saw quite a few floatingDSC01527 on the water so we didn’t risk going in. In between our walks, we made several sand sculptures. Jenna made a hammerhead shark, Mikayla made a shell castle and Eva made a ‘sandman.’ I helped Eva while Barry made himself a ‘throne!’ The girls wanted one as well and soon there were four beach thrones. Every now and then we would stop playing in the sand to watch several different types of military aircraft fly by. It was a fun afternoon. For a good hour or more we had the beach completely to ourselves. After sunset, we very reluctantly packed up our things and headed home.

Mikayla and Eva wanted to visit a surfing store they had seen so Barry took them while I made DSC01546supper and Jenna finished her book. We ate homemade gluten-free pizza. (I’ll share the link for the recipe below.) After dishes were done we decided to pack up for our move  tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain heavily tonight and tomorrow. Even though it’s very tight in here with all of our outside things, it’s much better than putting wet stuff inside! All we have to do in the morning is unhook and hitch-up!

After we were packed up, we decided to take one more walk to the beach. It was dark with the moon behind the clouds but we still had quite a bit of visibility. The tide was much higher than it had been earlier and the waves seemed a little bigger. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We even had the beach to ourselves again. 


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